Can you bring one of your friends to join?

I would love to have a sexy girlfriend (or two, or three- a 1 hour minimum is required for dates with a lady from my select list-

or however many you would like) to join us! I have a few favorite girlfriends whom I would love for you to meet. If you have a certain someone in mind, please provide information of who you are interested in joining us as I am open to the possibility of meeting other intriguing people. I must meet her prior (or have a phone conversation) to assess if her and I are a fit. For ladies I have not yet met I require a 2 hour minimum and both rates apply.

Do you meet couples?

Yes absolutely - there is nothing quite like the experience of meeting a fun and exciting couple! I require a 50% deposit for first timer’s & a 2 hour minimum. 

What are your stats?

Shoe size- 5.5 or 6

Dress size- 0 & Xs

Bra- 32 DDD

Panty- Small or Xs small 

Height- 5’3

Weight- 105lbs

Will you send me a picture of your face prior to meeting?

I have decided to blur my face for mutual privacy and discretion. I have been told on numerous occasions my face is my best asset and more beautiful than imagined.

Do you take dress requests?

I love dressing to impress! Whether you would like something casual, business professional, or sexy sophisticated, I always have a certain something perfectly appropriate for all occasions. I would be delighted to model any of the lingerie or outfits in my photo shoots for you. If you have something specific in mind that I do not already own, I would be more than happy to provide you with my sizing.

Do you allow photography or filming during dates?

I do not allow photography or filming due to privacy concerns.

May I bring a bottle of champagne or wine to our date?

I find a great bottle of vino, champagne or a Chardonnay to be a lovely addition to unwind for our date. I do not overindulge when drinking and I ask you do the same. Please do not open the bottle until arrival. I would be happy to suggest a few recommendations!  

Do you accept tips?

Tips are never expected but always appreciated.

May we spend time together "off the clock?"

While I am flattered you would love to spend more time together, I am only engaging in dates where my time is compensated.

I cannot afford your compensation rate. May we negotiate?

My rates are non-negotiable. Any attempt to negotiate will ensure contact is permanently ceased.

Do you offer just massage?

yes, I absolutely adore giving a phenomenal massage to release all of your stresses and having you melting away in total relaxation.. 

Do you offer just a social date?



Some important information

When you meet me, you will meet the woman in the pictures. Just as I plan to meet your expectations, I have a set of expectations to be met.


When scheduling dates, I only communicate via e-mail or text. I will contact you the day of our date via e-mail or text to confirm. I prefer to communicate via text message. Talking on the phone is only used for logistic purposes if absolutly necessaary. Please keep phone usage to a minimum and relevant to appointment communication only. 

If you have made an inquiry through e-mail and have not received a response within 72 hours it was mostly due to the e-mail being offensive, explicit, vague, or not a serious inquiry. If you feel these reasons do not apply to you or you think your e-mail may have been lost in cyberspace, I invite you to make another inquiry.


I strongly encourage inquiries to be booked twenty-four hours or more in advance. Please be mindful, I live a full life outside of being Riley and same-day requests are likely to be declined. As a morning person, I prefer not to offer late night rendezvous. 

An inquiry does not constitute a booking. As someone who values quality connections, I also screen for compatibility. Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell me why you think I am the right match for you.


Your investment is for my time only. Any activities that are unlawful, risk the health of either party or risk our safety will not be tolerated and our date will be terminated.

Alternative payment methods are available for established friends only. 

If you are coming to me, please place the prepared investment in clear view within the first five minutes and do not make reference to it. Please then excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up.

If I am coming to you, please have the investment prepared in the restroom prior to my arrival.

If we are meeting in public, please place the investment in a card, gift bag, book, or some other discrete means.

Please take the appropriate measures to follow these instructions as discussing my compensation takes away from our experience together.


There is nothing more irresistible than a gentleman who is freshly showered, shaven, and has minty fresh breath. This will be able to maximize our experience together.

If you are coming to see me straight from work, traveling, or a sporting event and do not have time prior, rest assured, as I will provide all of the necessities.


I will not turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes twelve but I do ask you to be respectful of my time as I am of yours. We will always have next time!

If you are running late to our date please let me know ASAP with your ETA.  Appointments five minutes late will be unaffected.

If you are running 10 minutes or more late, our appointment will be cut short and end at the predetermined time. My full compensation will still apply.

If we are enjoying our time together and you wish to extend our date, I will be happy to accommodate your desire should my schedule permit. Please familiarize yourself with my compensation and taken care of before we proceed.


I have a luxury high rise in-call located in The downtown area. I offer out-calls to upscale hotels only. Personal residences can also be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.


For all first time booking‘s 

I require a brief introduction of yourself,

your Caf handle along with 1 or 2 references.

Once I have completed the screening process I’ll be ready to receive a 25% deposit to secure our booking.

I do not accept nor provide references for agencies.

I prefer to see gentlemen over the age of 35, however, I do make exceptions for gentlemen under 35 should you have two reputable provider references within the past six months. A two hour minimum is required with a 25% deposit.


I ask for you to make a request prior to listing me as a reference. If we have met once I will provide up to three references . 

If we have had two or more dates I will provide references for up to one year from our last meeting.


I understand life happens and cancellations may occur. 

Any cancellation made more than 48 hours of our date will be unaffected.

A cancellation within 24 hours of our date will incur a 25% cancellation fee of the booked appointment. Due within twenty-four hours.

After two consecutive cancellations I will no longer accept a booking.

On the exceptionally rare occassion I have to cancel our date, I will give the option for any deposit made to be refunded or to be held to secure a different date.